Why Recruiters Should Use Google +

People ask my opinion on why recruiters should use Google Plus. To me, Google Plus is what LinkedIn is trying so desperately to be but coming up short. Sure, you have the ability to post to groups, message people and other basic options, but unlike LinkedIn, Google Plus makes you a driver and not just a navigator. How? Circles, The GOLDEN Ticket

Solution 1- Direct Your Content

As a recruiter, I can set up different circles based on my efforts-projects of sorts. So if I have four jobs I’m working on, I can set up four different circles of potential candidates, influencers, or groups that would fit what I am looking for. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to use the platform because when I post a status update, I can specify which group my information targets. So if I am talking about a need for a Social Media Engineer, I can only target those in my Social Media group that I designed.

Solution 2- Monitor the Crowd

I’ve always been one of those who likes being in the know. On LinkedIn and other platforms, I have to search through a number of channels to stay up to date. Other platforms like Google Alerts or Twitter Alerts are also good, but Google Plus takes it up a notch for recruiters. Once I have my separate circles, I can select which circle I want to see in my home stream. Example, say I hear some newsworthy tidbit on the evolution of a Social Media platform that would impact the job I’m recruiting for. I could easily go to Google Plus, select my handy dandy Social Media circle, and see what everyone is saying on it. Better yet, I can engage in the conversation and hopefully develop passive candidates into active ones.

Solution 3- Hangouts

I love using a Google Hangout when I can. It’s a great way to keep interview costs down, especially if you need to lay eyes on your candidate but have neither the time nor resources to fly across the country. These are great and if you’re connected to a circle, you can even host a hangout to talk about the job you’re recruiting for or the brand you are attempting to hire for. It’s a great next-level marketing tool that, if used correctly, could alter how you engage your candidates.

So some people say that Google Plus is for the Social Media snobs and if that’s the case, I am a snob! I love the platform from it’s design, interface, and cool features. I can say that I have been successful in engaging candidates using this platform more than I have other mediums like Facebook. So if you’re looking for something outside of or in addition to LinkedIn, try Google Plus. I think you might just fall in love with it if you let yourself.


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