Google Plus goes into Overdrive

Google+ also shared new user metrics, confirming that the site has 540 million active users if you count log-ins through Gmail and 300 million monthly active users in the stream (users who visit the website or app directly). Users also upload 1.5 billion photos per week, said Google VP Vic.

Personally, I like this site more than Facebook for one major reason: I can control my feed and my audience. Google Circles allows those of us that recruit, market, and pontificate direct our message to the appropriate audience. Unlike its competitors, Google Plus let’s you be more of a sharp shooter with your message versus looking like that annoying guy on the corner yelling on the street corner to whomever will listen.

In addition to this great feature, you can use its awesome photo editor. Now this editor I’d pretty wicked to say the least. It touches up your blemishes and also allows you to cut those aggravating photo bombers with ease. If you’re like me, you’re always using your phone to take pictures of the kids or the cities you visit but struggle to remember how you filed it. Well, Google takes care of that add well with auto indexing.

Bottom line: if you’re not using this platform you’re missing out on some great add ons. Next we will explore how the platform helps your rankings.


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